Department for Information, Qualification and Lifelong Learning (DIQLL) at Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen is located in the residential area of Varna, between the city and the Golden Sands Resort.

Highly qualified lecturers work at the Department in the fields of pedagogy, methodology and didactics.

The DIQLL provides good technical equipment - 20 conference rooms, 2 computer rooms, 2 laboratories, 3 art workshops, 20 office rooms for the academic staff, one library, English and German Information Centers, meeting room, cinema hall and 2 sports halls.


The Halls of Residence are close to the Study Building. There is a hostel with 131 rooms with an en suite shower room, 2 TV rooms, one canteen-restaurant and one daily bar.

The equipment of the Department offers excellent meeting and conference facilities.

A number of hostel rooms are available for incoming tourists in the summer.